Clemens Eisank

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Object attribute Description FID The ID number of the object Area_Pxl Area of the object measured in cells (1 cell is appr. 1 km²) Asymmetry Relative length compared to a regular object. The higher the value, the higher the asymmetry of the object is Border_ind Border index measures how jagged an object is. It is calculated as the ratio between the border(More)
—In most landform classification studies – either per cell or object-based – the authors have ignored modeling the semantics of landforms explicitly. Thus, landform classification schemes rely on individual knowledge, and are too much tailored to specific areas and/or scales. Integration of structured knowledge models in the classification process has been(More)
Earth surface processes operate on various spatio-temporal scales and produce landforms that are structured in a nested hierarchical manner. Semi-automated extraction of selected landform types from digital elevation models (DEMs) is of great importance in geomorphology. Object-based image analysis (OBIA) provides an attractive framework for multi-scale(More)
Earth observation (EO) data are of great value for the detection of landslides after triggering events, especially if they occur in remote and hardly accessible terrain. To fully exploit the potential of the wide range of available remote sensing data, innovative and reliable landslide (change) detection methods are needed. To overcome the limitations of(More)