Clemens-August Thole

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Nowadays, product development in the car industry heavily relies on numerical simulations. For example, it is used to explore the influence of design parameters on the weight, costs or functional properties of new car models. Car engineers spend a considerable amount of their time analyzing these influences by inspecting the arising simulations one at a(More)
Potential scatter of simulation results caused for exampleby buckling, is still a challenging issue for the predictability. Principle component analysis (PCA) is a well-known mathematical method for data analysis. In order to characterize scatter PCA analysis was applied to the simulation results from a number of runs using all node positions at all time(More)
One of the important tasks in Mechanical Engineering is to increase the safety of the vehicle and decrease its production costs. This task is typically solved by means of Multiobjective Optimization, which formulates the problem as a mapping from the space of design variables to the space of target criteria and tries to find an optimal region in these(More)
Parallel computers have demonstrated their principle suitability for numerical simulation during the eighties and early nineties. In particular, they were able to provide a cost-e€ective means of achieving high performance computing (HPC) power. Even so, there was only a limited impact of this technology on industrial computing. In order to foster the(More)