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Electro-larynx speech (EL) is a possibility to re-obtain speech when the larynx is surgically removed or damaged. As currently available devices normally are hand-held, a new generation of EL devices would benefit from a hands-free version. In this work we use electromyographic (EMG) signals to investigate speech/non-speech detection for EL speech. The(More)
In this paper we present the evaluation results for estimating the area of detection as well as the rotation accuracy of two versions of the face tracking system of the Microsoft Kinect sensor. The tested sensors are the Kinect for Windows V1 and V2 sensors in the use with the respective Software Development Kit. The tests were performed using an artificial(More)
ii Abstract The project investigates the usability of muscle contractions detected by surface elec-tromyography (EMG) sensors as an input channel for the gestural or subtle control of electric devices. A wearable hardware prototype is presented that consists of a sensor strap and a signal conditioning (amplification and filtering) unit. Signal detection(More)
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