Clemens A. Szyperski

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Software components, if used properly, offer many software engineering benefits. Yet, they also pose many original challenges starting from quality assurance and ranging to architectural embedding and composability. In addition, the recent movement towards services, as well as the established world of objects, causes many to wonder what purpose components(More)
ion de ned by that type. With multi-methods code does not naturally belong to a particular type. Sather deals with multi-method situations by using \typecase" statements. These appear in the body of a routine which dispatches on the rst argument type and may explicitly dispatch on the second argument type. Unlike a simple \case" statement applied to the(More)
Sather extends the notion of an iterator in a powerful new way. We argue that iteration abstractions belong in class interfaces on an equal footing with routines. Sather iterators were derived from CLU iterators but are much more flexible and better suited for object-oriented programming. We retain the property that iterators are(More)