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Sather 1.0 is a programming language whose design has resulted from the interplay of many criteria. It attempts to support a powerful object-oriented paradigm without sacriicing either the computational performance of traditional procedural languages or support for safety and correctness checking. Much of the engineering eeort went into the design of the(More)
Web services are emerging technologies to reuse software as services over the Internet by wrapping underlying computing models with XML. Web services are rapidly evolving and are expected to change the paradigms of both software development and use. This panel will discuss the current status and challenges of Web services technologies.
Sather extends the notion of an iterator in a powerful new way. We argue that iteration abstractions belong in class interfaces on an equal footing with routines. Sather iterators were derived from CLU iterators but are much more flexible and better suited for object-oriented programming. We retain the property that iterators are(More)