Cleber J. R. Alho

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Flooding throughout the Pantanal is seasonal. The complex vegetative cover and high seasonal productivity support a diverse and abundant fauna. A gradient in flood level supports a range of major habitats in a complex mosaic with annual seasonality. The rivers and streams are lined with gallery forests, and other arboreal habitats exist in the more elevated(More)
Matching the trend seen among the major large rivers of the globe, the Amazon River and its tributaries are facing aquatic ecosystem disruption that is affecting freshwater habitats and their associated biodiversity, including trends for decline in fishery resources. The Amazon's aquatic ecosystems, linked natural resources, and human communities that(More)
Publications Since 1977, the Section of Mammals has exchanged reprints of staff publications with colleagues worldwide. The following list, arranged alphabetically by first author, represents a compilation of all reprints that have been offered via our mailing lists. No longer available from Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Please contact your local(More)
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