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The question 'will combinatorial chemistry deliver real medicines' has been posed [96]. First it is important to realise that the chemical part of the drug discovery process cannot stand alone; the integration of synthesis and biological assays is fundamental to the combinatorial approach. The results presented in Tables 3.1 to 3.8 suggest that so far(More)
This study was conducted to elucidate microbiological characteristics of river water and groundwater communities in order to improve our conceptual and predictive understanding of river and groundwater ecosystem processes, functioning and management. Rouge River bacterial communities from shallow groundwater and river water were screened using Biolog(More)
In this paper the solid phase synthesis of various substituted purines is described starting from 4,6-dichloro-5-nitropyrimidine. The 4,6-dichloro-5-nitropyrimidine was coupled to Rink amide resin followed by displacement of the second chloride by an amino compound. Reduction of the nitro compound proved to be problematic but was achieved using lithium(More)
A novel, potent, competitive inhibitor of smooth muscle cGMP phosphodiesterase is described (Compound I, [4-[2-n-butyl-5-chloro-1-(2- chlorobenzyl)imidazolyl]methyl] acetate). The compound is highly selective for inhibiting cGMP phosphodiesterase compared with cAMP phosphodiesterase. Compound I inhibits the contraction of smooth muscle in response to a(More)
The systematic study of cellular reactions to purified chemical fractions of the tubercle bacillus was first demonstrated by Sabin and her co-workers.'5 16, 17, 18 These chemically purified derivatives were prepared by Anderson of Yale. The above studies have contributed greatly to our knowledge of the pathogenesis of tuberculosis. Throughout all of the(More)
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