Clayton Burger

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This position paper introduces the idea and concept of generating interactive protocol simulations and visualizations for teaching environments in lectures as well as for learning environments over the internet. Since the realisation is based on the SPIN model checker, a short presentation of this verification tool and its language Promela is shortly been(More)
This paper presents an exploration into the relationship between Chomsky problem complexity, as defined by Theory of Computation, and the computational requirements to evolve solutions to these problems. Genetic programming is used to explore these computational requirements by evolving Turing machines that accept the languages posed. Quantifiable results(More)
This paper examines the environmental awareness of staff members in a higher education institution through the use of social media and an environmental awareness campaign. The key question raised is whether the use of social media is an effective tool to run an environmental campaign to raise awareness and evaluate knowledge of the green initiatives that(More)
Graduates with Business Process Management (BPM) competencies are highly sought after and Business Process (BP) modelling skills form an integral part of the BPM skillset. One challenge facing modellers is that only a few existing BP modelling languages have intuitive validation techniques which check for syntactic issues or rule violations. Not having an(More)
The Upper Confidence for Trees (UCT) algorithm has been shown to perform well in complex games, but samples undesirable areas of the search space when building its game tree. This paper explores the design and parametric considerations for augmenting the UCT algorithm with an Artificial Neural Network (NN) to dynamically prune the game tree created, thus(More)
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