Clay Washburn

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The bioactivity of neuropeptides can be regulated by a variety of post-translational modifications, including proteolytic processing. Here, gene-targeted mice producing defective prohormone convertase 2 (PC2) were used to examine the post-translational processing of two neuroendocrine prohormones, pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) and pro-orphanin FQ(More)
This paper describes an implemented on-line English grammar checker for students of English as a second language. This system focuses on a limited category of frequently occurring grammatical mistakes in essays written by students in the English Language Programs at the University of X. The grammar checker exploits the syntactic domain of locality from a(More)
Neuropeptides are released into the extracellular space from large secretory granules. In order to reach their release sites, these granules are translocated on microtubules and thought to interact with filamentous actin as they approach the cell membrane. We have used a green fluorescent protein-tagged neuropeptide prohormone (prepro-orphanin FQ) to(More)
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