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This study reports the writing performance of a dysgraphic patient with Alzheimer's disease and moderate dementia who frequently perseverated on strokes and letters. Letter formation errors were also frequently produced. Oral spelling was superior to written spelling. The habitual style of writing (cursive writing) was significantly more prone to(More)
8- and 11-yr-old reading-disabled children were compared in two experiments with controls matched on intelligence and age. Exp. 1 measured duration of visual information store by means of a separation threshold technique. Exp. II determined the rate of transfer from visual information store to short-term memory using a backward masking technique. Results(More)
OBJECTIVE Right descending aortas have been correlated with an increased risk of congenital heart disease. Nevertheless, the aortic position remains a largely overlooked diagnostic tool in second-trimester sonography because no formal system for assessing the position exists. By developing a method of assigning the position of the aorta relative to the(More)
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