Claus Schott

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Ca(2+)-permeable AMPA receptors are densely expressed in the spinal dorsal horn, but their functional significance in pain processing is not understood. By disrupting the genes encoding GluR-A or GluR-B, we generated mice exhibiting increased or decreased numbers of Ca(2+)-permeable AMPA receptors, respectively. Here, we demonstrate that AMPA receptors are(More)
A research procedure is proposed which aims to analyse the agricultural spatial dynamics during the last thirty years using two levels of organisation of farming activity: the agricultural production system and the cropping system. Based on methods of statistical mapping and data mining, this procedure involves modelling the diversity of production systems(More)
To explore the evolution of a human impacted river, the Seine (France), over the 21st century, three driving factors were examined: climate, agriculture, and point source inputs of domestic and industrial origin. Three future scenarios were constructed, by modification of a baseline representative of recent conditions. A climate change scenario, based on(More)
BACKGROUND Painful invasive procedures are frequently performed on preterm infants admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The aim of the present study was to investigate current pain management in Austrian, German and Swiss NICU and to identify factors associated with improved pain management in preterm infants. METHODS A questionnaire was(More)
A software package is presented here to predict the fate of nitrogen fertilizers and the transport of nitrate from the rooting zone of agricultural areas to surface water and groundwater in the Seine basin, taking into account the long residence times of water and nitrate in the unsaturated and aquifer systems. Information on pedological characteristics,(More)
At the University Children's Hospital Heidelberg the concept of 'Developmental, Family-Centred, Individual Care of Premature Infants and Newborns' was introduced to support optimal growth of premature infants. This interdisciplinary concept requires cooperation of different specialists. A well operating communication is a precondition for such cooperation.(More)
Introducing an innovative, multidisciplinary concept of care means the change of existing structures both in work and communication flows which often involves problems. In this paper we describe exemplary the communication problems which arose during the introduction of the multidisciplinary concept of Family-Centred, Individualized Developmental Care of(More)