Claus-Rainer Rollinger

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Two topics are treated here First, we present a user model pattcrncd after the stereotype approach (Rich, 1979) This model surpasses Rich's model with respect to its greater flexibility in the construction of user profiles, and its trcat,ment of positive and negative arguments. Second, we present an inference machine This machine treats uncertain knowledge(More)
This paper presents a model-driven method for machine learning of inference rules, which involves both: 'learning by induction' and 'learning by being told'. By the use of higher concepts (like transitivity and conversity) attributes of and relations among two-place predicates are discovered by induction. This new knowledge is represented as metafacts which(More)
In the first section we give a very short survey on current research on web-based educational systems and related problems. In the second section we argue that knowledge representation and ontologies may offer solutions to basic problems in this area. Since a well-founded system of concepts, i.e. an ontology, will significantly advance knowledge sharing and(More)