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BACKGROUND Type 17 helper T cells have been suggested to play a pathological role in psoriasis. They secrete several proinflammatory cytokines, including interleukin-17A (also known as interleukin-17). We evaluated the safety and efficacy of ixekizumab (LY2439821), a humanized anti-interleukin-17 monoclonal antibody, for psoriasis treatment. METHODS In(More)
A family consisting of at least ten distinct novel 8-10 kd cytokines has been identified over the past 12 years. These cytokines exhibit from 20 to 45% homology in amino acid sequence, are probably all basic heparin-binding polypeptides, and have proinflammatory and reparative activities. The cDNA for these cytokines are characterized by conserved single(More)
The protein-bound polysaccharide extracted from a fungus, PSK, has been used as a biological response modifier in the treatment of cancer patients in Japan for over ten years. Although the antitumor mechanism of PSK is not fully understood, host-mediated antitumor activity has been claimed to play a significant role. The administration of PSK to(More)
IL-8 is a chemokine that has been implicated in a number of inflammatory diseases involving neutrophil activation. HuMab 10F8 is a novel fully human mAb against IL-8, which binds a discontinuous epitope on IL-8 overlapping the receptor binding site, and which effectively neutralizes IL-8-dependent human neutrophil activation and migration. We investigated(More)
Despite an increasing knowledge of dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis (D/SD), the pathophysiological understanding is still incomplete but suggests a role of Malassezia yeasts in triggering inflammatory and hyper-proliferative epidermal responses. The objective of this report is to review published literature from in vivo studies of D/SD populations to(More)
The presence of the leukocyte chemotactic cytokine interleukin 8 (IL-8) in psoriatic scales and in epidermal tissue overlying allergic patch test reactions suggests a role for this cytokine in certain inflammatory skin diseases. IL-8 can be produced by several cell types present in the skin. Their relative potentials for IL-8 expression has, however, not(More)
Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder that affects approximately 2-3% of the population worldwide and has severe effects on patients' physical and psychological well-being. The discovery that psoriasis is an immune-mediated disease has led to more targeted, effective therapies; recent advances have focused on the interleukin (IL)-12/23p40(More)
This article presents the results of two investigations, each measuring cellular immune function on 3 investigation days 1 week apart in 15 high and 15 low hypnotizable healthy subjects randomly selected for three groups: (1) a guided imagery group receiving instructions to enhance cellular immune function: (2) a relaxation group which did not receive(More)
In a number of studies it has been shown that psychological factors in general and specifically emotional factors can be correlated to changes in immunological function and defence mechanisms. Although the mediating pathways between the central nervous system and the immune system still remain unclear, it is known that some of the 'classical stress(More)