Claus-Oliver Schmidt

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The Bitterfeld/Wolfen region is a megasite with multiple contaminant sources from more than a century of industrial activity, which have a considerable impact on the environment. At present, the contaminated groundwater covers an area of about 25km(2) and poses a threat for the surrounding aquifers and the Mulde River. This study focuses on the(More)
Streambed temperatures can be easily, accurately and inexpensively measured at many locations. To characterize patterns of groundwater-stream water interaction with a high spatial resolution, we measured 140 vertical streambed temperature profiles along a 220m section of a small manmade stream. Groundwater temperature at a sufficient depth remains nearly(More)
Full bandgap (3D) photonic crystal materials offer a means to precisely engineer the electromagnetic reflection, transmission, and emission properties of surfaces over wide angular and spectral ranges. However, very few 3D photonic crystals have been successfully demonstrated with areas larger than 1 cm. Large sheets of photonic bandgap (PBG) structures(More)
The spatial pattern and magnitude of mass fluxes at the stream-aquifer interface have important implications for the fate and transport of contaminants in river basins. Integral pumping tests were performed to quantify average concentrations of chlorinated benzenes in an unconfined aquifer partially penetrated by a stream. Four pumping wells were operated(More)
Results of detailed experimental investigations of the power and sweeping speed dependent resonance bandwidth and resonance wavelength shift in microsphere resonators are presented. The experimental manifestations of the nonlinear effects for the different sweeping modes are considered and a possibility of separation between the Kerr and thermal(More)
Recent changes in European legislation require monitoring of 24 volatile compounds in perfumes as they might elicit skin sensitization. This paper reports a GC-MS quantitation procedure for their determination in fragrance concentrates. GC and MS conditions were optimized for a routine use: analysis within 30 min, solvent and internal standard selection,(More)
  • C Schmidt
  • Ecotoxicology and environmental safety
  • 1983
A measurable result of nearly all influences which affect the primary processes of photosynthesis is a change of the fluorescence emission of a plant. This change of the fluorescence emission due to substances which affect or block photosynthesis is well known since the work of Kautsky (1943). The fluorescence test used here, due to the optical(More)