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BACKGROUND The question of how many marine species exist is important because it provides a metric for how much we do and do not know about life in the oceans. We have compiled the first register of the marine species of the world and used this baseline to estimate how many more species, partitioned among all major eukaryotic groups, may be discovered. (More)
Today the design of custom in-the-ear hearing aids is based on personal experience and skills and not on a systematic description of the variation of the shape of the ear canal. In this paper it is described how a dense surface point distribution model of the human ear canal is built based on a training set of laser scanned ear impressions and a sparse set(More)
This paper examines whether observed phenomena in energy declination can be used to improve the naturalness of synthetic speech. In two production experiments different aspects of intensity fall-off within utterances are analysed including degree of stress, phrase length, phrase boundaries. Energy manipulation was carried out using diphone synthesis as a(More)
Emergency software problems may present an immediate danger to public health, safety, general welfare or business. Hence, the organisations must be well prepared to handle them with the greatest expediency. Unfortunately, the software community has paid little attention to the emergency corrective maintenance. Today, we do not have any standard process(More)
Danish has a distinctive vowel length opposition which is realized with little differences in vowel qualities. This paper investigates the possibilities of using this fact in reducing the size of the speech unit database in a high quality concatenative based text-to-speech system for Danish. The purpose is to evaluate the concept of using long vowels for(More)
Hamartomatous Polyposis Syndromes (HPS) are genetic syndromes, which include Peutz-Jeghers syndrome, Juvenile polyposis syndrome, PTEN hamartoma tumour syndrome (Cowden Syndrom, Bannayan-Riley-Ruvalcaba and Proteus Syndrome) as well as hereditary mixed polyposis syndrome. Other syndromes such as Gorlin Syndrome and multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome 2B(More)
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