Claus Neubauer

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This paper has three contributions to the fields of power plant monitoring. First, we differentiate out-of-range detection from fault detection. An out-of-range refers to a normal operating range of a power plant unseen in the training data. In the case of an out-of-range, instead of producing a fault alarm, the system should notify the operator to include(More)
Classification of corrupted images, for example due to occlusion or noise, is a challenging problem. Most existing methods tackled this problem using a two-step strategy: image reconstruction and classification of reconstructed images. However, their performances heavily relied on the accuracy of reconstruction and parameter estimation. We present a full(More)
We present a robust method to identify and isolate faulty sensors among a set of correlated sensors. For each sensor, we estimate the sensor a number of times, using each of the other correlated sensors separately. We use the median of these estimates as the estimate for the sensor. When up to less than half of the sensors are faulty, this method identifies(More)
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