Claus Munk Jensen

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Fast-track surgery is the combination of optimized clinical and organizational factors aiming at reducing convalescence and perioperative morbidity including the functional recovery resulting in reduced hospitalization. As the previous nationwide studies have demonstrated substantial variations in length of stay (LOS) following standardized operations such(More)
BACKGROUND We examined the association between quality of care and 30 day mortality in a nationwide cohort of patients hospitalized with hip fracture. METHODS We used data from The Danish National Indicator Project, a quality improvement initiative with participation of more than 90% of Danish hospital departments caring for patients with hip fracture(More)
To estimate the effect of removal of internal fixation after treatment of malleolar fractures on postoperatively presented complaints, we retrospectively evaluated 66 patients by their records and by personal questionnaires. Of all the patients, 89.4% had one or more complaints. These were typically soreness over implant and cicatrix, reduced movement of(More)
State and provincial proportional mortality studies in the United States and Canada have found increased ratios of overall injury mortality among farmers, including occupational injuries and other unintentional injuries, such as those from motor vehicle crashes and fires, as well as suicides. In contrast, Scandinavian standardized mortality (morbidity)(More)
While the displaced hip fracture can be visualized easily by plain radiography, the non-displaced fracture may be radiographically occult and require different imaging modalities, e.g., MRI for proper visualization. The accuracy of readers and cost advantages of utilizing MRI have not been assessed. Therefore, we undertook a study of these factors. The(More)
OBJECTIVE The correlation between plasma Chromogranin A concentrations and changes in tumor size evaluated by computed tomography (CT) - as a gold standard - was evaluated. MATERIAL AND METHODS One hundred and sixteen patients with CgA-producing ileo-cecal neuroendocrine tumors were evaluated by events, which were recorded when a CT was followed by(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE Neuroendocrine neoplasms of the pancreas and duodenum with predominant or exclusive immunoreactivity for somatostatin (pdSOMs) are rare, and knowledge about tumour biology, treatment, survival and prognostic factors is limited. This study aims to describe clinical, pathological and biochemical features as well as treatment and prognosis(More)
Drawbacks of traction-absorbing wiring (TAW) in displaced fractures of the olecranon were observed in 29 out of 55 consecutive patients. Sliding of the K wires, with resulting skin troubles in 24 patients (10 patients with perforation of the skin), required premature removal of the implant. Minor operative modifications in the TAW technique are suggested in(More)
Twenty consecutive patients with displaced fractures of the olecranon were operated on using the tension-band wiring technique with a nonsliding pin. The patients were followed until clinical and radiographic healing or removal of the implant. Healing was uneventful in 19 patients after a median of 6 weeks. Redislocation occurred in 1 patient with a(More)
Wrist synovectomy with resection of the distal ulna was performed in 47 cases, where rheumatoid affection in the wrist joint caused visible capsular swelling, pain and reduced range of motion. At follow-up after a mean observation time of 33 months, 31 cases had complete pain relief, eight cases had moderate pain relief. In eight cases pain during wrist(More)