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[1] Field studies in watershed hydrology continue to characterize and catalogue the enormous heterogeneity and complexity of rainfall runoff processes in more and more watersheds, in different hydroclimatic regimes, and at different scales. Nevertheless, the ability to generalize these findings to ungauged regions remains out of reach. In spite of their(More)
Increasing evidence suggests that bdelloid rotifers regularly undergo horizontal gene transfer, apparently as a surrogate mechanism of genetic exchange in the absence of true sexual reproduction, in part because of their ability to withstand desiccation. We provide empirical support for this latter hypothesis using the bdelloid Philodina roseola, which we(More)
Facultative sexual species employ a dual reproductive strategy (heterogony) comprising primarily asexual reproduction with intermittent sexual reproduction. Given the higher relative costs of sexual reproduction, elucidating the triggers underlying these transitions might help our understanding of the evolution of (obligate) sex in general. Existing(More)