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Rats received 53 stimulations to either the left basolateral amygdala (BA) or left anterior neocortex (AN) in one environment (CS+) and 53 sham stimulations (the stimulation lead was attached but no current was delivered) in another environment (CS-), quasirandomly over 54 days. Confirming a previous report [Barnes, S.J., Pinel, J.P., Francis, L.H. & Wig,(More)
German version www.springer-medizin.de/ allergo-journal Key words Baking agents – Glucoamylase – α-Amylase – Allergy – Baker's asthma Abstract Background: Over a 10 year period a decline in the rate of sensitizations to α-amylase (Aspergillus ory-zae) was observed in bakers investigated for allergic obstructive airway disease. At the same time,(More)
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