Claus Gebhardt

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Epistatic interactions among loci are expected to contribute substantially to variation of quantitative traits. The objectives of our research were to (i) compare a classical mixed-model approach with a combined mixed-model and analysis of variance approach for detecting epistatic interactions; (ii) examine using computer simulations the statistical power(More)
The total isolation procedure for isolation of auxotrophic and temperature-sensitive mutants was applied to haploid mesophyll protoplasts of Hyoscyamus muticus after treatment with N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine. Twelve variant clones were isolated after screening a total of 29,000 clones. Two are auxotrophic for histidine, one clone for tryptophan(More)
A temperature-sensitive variant of Hyoscyamus muticus L. expressing a lethal phenotype in both cultured cells and regenerated plants has been shown to be a conditional auxin auxotroph with an absolute requirement for an exogenous auxin at temperatures above 30° C but not at lower temperatures. The requirement was satisfied by indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) and(More)
Two amino-acid auxotrophic cell clones ofHyoscyamus muticus, VA5 (His(-)) and VIIIB9 (Trp(-)), isolated in a previous experiment have been characterised quantitatively. Studies of growth in the presence and absence of histidine and tryptophan and an examination of dose-response relationships for the two amino acids confirmed the strict auxotrophy of both(More)
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