Claus Dieter Zander

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The parasite infracommunity of five goby species (Pomatoschistus minutus, P. pictus, P.microps, Gobiusculus flavescens, Gobius niger) from the south-western Baltic was investigated during spring, summer and autumn of the years 1997–2000. The mean parasite species number in single hosts was high, ranging between 1.1 (P. minutus), 2.1 (P. pictus) to even 3.3(More)
Comparative research on food web structure has revealed generalities in trophic organization, produced simple models, and allowed assessment of robustness to species loss. These studies have mostly focused on free-living species. Recent research has suggested that inclusion of parasites alters structure. We assess whether such changes in network structure(More)
The parasites of ten fish species, including four Gobiidae, three Gasterosteidae, two Syngnathidae, and one Zoarcidae from the Salzhaff region, Northwest Mecklenburg, Baltic Sea, were investigated in 1995 and 1996. As many as 36 parasite species, represented by diverse groups of helminths and protozoans as well as annelids and copepods, are found during 4(More)
The parasite faunas of snails, mussels, crustaceans and small-sized fishes were investigated over a period of six months in the Schlei fjord, on the Baltic coast of Schleswig-Holstein. Two sites differing in salinities were compared: Missunde with 5–9 ‰ and Olpenitz with 12–20 ‰. Prevalences, number of host-parasite combinations, numbers of core and(More)
The fish fauna of an eulittoral mud flat was investigated at Sylt Island (North Sea) with special regard to its food uptake. During the course of a year the following species were caught:Pomatoschistus microps, Anguilla anguilla (elvers),Zoarces viviparus, andGasterosteus aculeatus. Considering the potentially available food, the most abundant organisms of(More)
A comparative parasitology study of gobiid fishes from two sites on the western Baltic Sea was done to get information on the quality of the respective environments. The parameters used were the infracommunity, the species numbers and abundance with respect to the size classes of the hosts, and the abundance with respect to the seasons. The hosts, Gobius(More)
The parasite fauna of five goby species (Gobiidae, Teleostei) was investigated in the Baltic Sea during the period 1987 to 1990. 13 parasite species were found in samples from the Lübeck Bight:Bothriocephalus scorpii, Schistocephalus sp. (Cestoda);Cryptocotyle concavum, Cryptocotyle lingua, Podocotyle atomon, Derogenes varicus (Digenea);Hysterothylacium sp.(More)
Parasites from Flensburg fjord, northern German Baltic coast, were investigated under regard of the component, guild, and supra community level. At least, 28 host species of the guilds snails, planktonic and benthic crustaceans, and fish (exclusively small-sized species) were infected by 53 parasite species (28 autogenic and 19 allogenic ones, six of(More)