Claus-Dieter Mayer

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Early microbial colonization of the gut reduces the incidence of infectious, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Recent population studies reveal that childhood hygiene is a significant risk factor for development of inflammatory bowel disease, thereby reinforcing the hygiene hypothesis and the potential importance of microbial colonization during early(More)
Despite the economic importance of grasses as food, feed, and energy crops, little is known about the genes that control their cell wall synthesis, assembly, and remodelling. Here a detailed transcriptome analysis that allowed the identification of genes involved in grass cell wall biogenesis is provided. Differential gene expression profiling, using maize(More)
An increased consumption of fruits and vegetables (F&V) has been suggested as a way to limit, or even lower, energy and fat intakes. The present study examined the effects of incorporating F&V supplements into the diets of adults who reported consuming <240 g (three portions) of F&V per d on energy and fat intakes, and change in body weight, over 8 weeks(More)
MOTIVATION Transcriptomic studies using microarray technology have become a standard tool in life sciences in the last decade. Nevertheless the cost of these experiments remains high and forces scientists to work with small sample sizes at the expense of statistical power. In many cases, little or no prior knowledge on the underlying variability is(More)
Colon cancers are characterized by aberrant gene expression signatures associated with disease initiation and progression. Identification of aberrant gene expression associated with colon carcinogenesis has increased significantly with application of gene array technologies. Downstream processing of these data has been hindered by the lack of robust(More)
BACKGROUND Acquisition of the intestinal microbiota in early life corresponds with the development of the mucosal immune system. Recent work on caesarean-delivered infants revealed that early microbial composition is influenced by birthing method and environment. Furthermore, we have confirmed that early-life environment strongly influences both the adult(More)
Intracellular recording revealed two general categories of ganglion cells in Auerbach's plexus. The characteristics of one category were relatively low resting potentials, high input resistance, discharge of spikes throughout a depolarizing current pulse, stimulus-evoked synaptic potentials and spontaneous electrical activity. Characteristics of the second(More)
The combination of chromatin immunoprecipitation with two-channel microarray technology enables genome-wide mapping of binding sites of DNA-interacting proteins (ChIP-on-chip) or sites with methylated CpG di-nucleotides (DNA methylation microarray). These powerful tools are the gateway to understanding gene transcription regulation. Since the goals of such(More)
"Roseburia inulinivorans" is an anaerobic polysaccharide-utilizing firmicute bacterium from the human colon that was identified as a producer of butyric acid during growth on glucose, starch, or inulin. R. inulinivorans A2-194 is also able to grow on the host-derived sugar fucose, following a lag period, producing propionate and propanol as additional(More)
The effects of dietary antioxidant supplementation on oxidative stress and life span are confused. We maintained C57BL/6 mice at 7 +/- 2 degrees C and supplemented their diet with alpha-tocopherol from 4 months of age. Supplementation significantly increased (p = 0.042) median life span by 15% (785 days, n = 44) relative to unsupplemented controls (682(More)