Claus Derz

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Proton therapy has the potential for high-precision radiotherapy of retinal tumors. However, the standardized eye models currently used do not fully account for the patient's individual anatomy. To better exploit the data provided by MR images, a model-based approach was used based on a database of eye models. A face recognition algorithm was advanced to(More)
In a model-based approach, MR images were used to build a database of individual eye models. In order to store the features of the specific eye morphology in an extensible, structured and Internet-accessible database, an appropriate XML structure was implemented. A document type definition was developed that managed the data of the correlated feature space(More)
Zusammenfassung. Für die Durchführung einer oberflächenbasierten Interpolation, Registrierung, Bestrahlungsplanung und Visualisierung ist eine präzise Rekonstruktion der Organoberflächen unverzichtbar. Hierzu müssen die zweidimensionalen Segmentierungen in CToder MRT-Schnittdaten für eine Rekonstruktion der Oberflächen herangezogen werden. Aktuelle(More)
In this article a new segmentation approach is described that is based on case-based reasoning and a combination of various established image processing concepts described in the current literature. Previously segmented data sets are used as anatomical models that represent the cases, called reference models. They describe the expected surface shape and(More)
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