Claus Dendorfer

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Some extensions of the basic formalism of stream processing functions are useful to specify complex structures such as operating systems. In this paper we g i v e the foundations of higher order stream processing functions. These are functions which send and accept not only messages representing atomic data, but also complex elements such a s functions.(More)
The behavior of an asynchronous reactive system can be described by its set of action traces. In this paper, we investigate which properties a trace set fulfills describing a reactive system where input and output actions are distinguished. These properties reflect the fact that, for such a system, input actions can always occur. The required properties are(More)
The use of the formal design method FOCUS is illustrated by an example development of the so-called Stenning-protocol. The development process starts from global, non-constructive service specifications and ends in executable programs of the protocol entities. The four abstraction levels of FOCUS — trace specification, functional specification, abstract(More)
The use of massive parallel computer architectures for the solution of computation intensive tasks requires speciic programming concepts and thus makes programming more diicult. This is because the parallel execution and the particular properties of the chosen machine architecture must be taken into consideration. An abstract programming language more(More)
Zusammenfassung Als Fallstudie wird ein Teil eines realen Betriebssystems formal spezifiziert, nämlich das Postsystem des Multiprocessor Multitasking Kernel MMK. Der verwendete Formalismus basiert auf der Beschreibung von stromverarbeiten-den Funktionen mit Prädikaten. Da es sich für die Spezifikation als nützlich erweist, den Zustand des Postsystems(More)
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