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INTRODUCTION The United Nations has proposed the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals to make hazard communication more uniform and to improve comprehension. METHOD Two experiments were conducted to test whether the addition of hazard and precautionary pictograms to safety data sheets and product labels would(More)
Mathematical modeling is being increasingly used as a means for assessing occupational exposures. However, predicting exposure in real settings is constrained by lack of quantitative knowledge of exposure determinants. Validation of models in occupational settings is, therefore, a challenge. Not only do the model parameters need to be known, the models also(More)
Protection of intellectual property against unwanted tampering is a pressing issue to many content providers. Access to sensitive information typically takes the form of copyright violations. To address this issue, owners typically employ different protection mechanisms. Many are weak (e.g., they have single points of failure), rendering them vulnerable to(More)
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