Claudionor Ribeiro Silva

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Recent advances in sensor technology opened new possibilities for remote sensing. For example, the appearance of sensor higher spatial and spectral resolution. In terms of spectral resolution, the number of available bands increased significantly, resulting in hyperspectral sensors. Hyperspectral remote sensing images are characterized by the division of(More)
We study both analytically and numerically the effects of including refractory periods in the Hopfield model for associative memory. These periods are introduced in the dynamics of the network as thresholds that depend on the state of the neuron at the previous time. Both the retrieval properties and the dynamical behaviour are analized, and we found that(More)
Digitizing road maps manually is an expensive and time-consuming task. In this work we introduce a method, based on the iterative and localized Radon transform and optimal algorithms, which extracts automatically roads on images and airborne laser scanners of rural areas. The proposed method detects linear segments iteratively and starting from this it(More)
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