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In creating and performing music, musicians can experience health problems from the high physical and psychological demands of their profession. Musculoskeletal disorders related to playing are painful, chronic and disabling conditions which are prevalent among classical musicians. The widespread study of the prevalence, etiology, and management of(More)
This study examined the generalizability of the non-malignant pain patient profiles based on the Multidimensional Pain Inventory (MPI) to patients with cancer-related pain. Data were collected from 112 cancer patients. In total, 107/112 patients completed the MPI. Of the 96% of patients classified, only 60% were classified by the three main profiles. In(More)
This paper explores an opportunity for technology transfer monitoring and control, based on the use of miniaturized, smart and innovative sensors able to follow the product and guarantee the quality during all stages of the agro-food sector. The information concerning to the state of the product is transferred in real time in a wireless way, according to(More)
Many studies have confirmed unnecessary suffering among cancer patients, due to the inadequate use of analgesic medication and other effective interventions. While pharmacological treatments are appropriately the central component of cancer pain management, the under-utilization of effective nonpharmacological strategies (NPS) may contribute to the problem(More)
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