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Currency unions and trade: The special case of EMU
In this paper, the impact of the adoption of the euro on the commercial transactions of EMU countries is investigated. It seeks to disentangle the effects of eliminating exchange rate volatility —Expand
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Trade Potentials in Gravity Panel Data Models
Abstract The paper shows how - using as an example the trade flows between eleven European countries and 31 OECD `reporting' countries - the result of a gravity model, in terms of potential trade,Expand
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Network Analysis of World Trade using the BACI-CEPII Dataset
Abstract In this paper we explore the BACI-CEPII database using Network Analysis. From the visualization of the World Trade Network, we define and describe its topology, both in its binary versionExpand
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Hub-and-Spoke or Else? Free Trade Agreements in the 'Enlarged' European Union
The object of this paper is to estimate the effect of European Union eastwards enlargement process on trade patterns in the Union. In particular, we intend to investigate whether and how the EU FreeExpand
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Hub-and-Spoke or Else? Free Trade Agreements in the Enlarged EU - A Gravity Model Estimate
The aim of this paper is to estimate the effect of the EU’s eastern enlargement on the trade patterns of the Central and Eastern European countries (CEECs) that joined the Union in May 2004. InExpand
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Building the core of the Istat system of models for forecasting the Italian economy: MeMo-It
This paper provides a description of Istat’s new Macroeconometric Model MeMo-It. This is the tool used by Istat to produce bi-annual medium-term forecasts of the Italian economy since May 2012. TheExpand
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The Euro's Effects on Trade in a Dynamic Setting
This paper provides an update on estimates of the euro effect on trade integration among EMU economies, taking into account the aggregate bilateral exports of 23 OECD countries for the sample periodExpand
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The Impact of Euro on Emu Trade: The (Early) Effect is Not so Large
We investigate the impact of the euro adoption on commercial transactions of EMU countries. We refer to the abundant gravity-model literature about the effect of Currency Unions on trade originatedExpand
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Trade Potentials in Gravity Panel Data Models
In the last decade, a lot of effort has been produced in empirical international trade to explain bilateral volume of trade through the estimation of a gravity equation. A substantial share of thisExpand
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Explaining the Performance of Italian Exports During the Crisis: (Medium) Quality Matters
A recent study argues that the contraction in total trade that occurred during the crisis was mainly driven by the fall in high quality goods, which should have higher income elasticity owing to aExpand
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