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Long Period (LP) Events on Mt. Etna volcano (Italy): the influence of velocity structures on moment tensor inversion
Since a few decades volcanic Long Period (LP) events have been recorded on many active volcanoes and their study has been recognized as an important tool to characterize volcanic activity. LP eventExpand
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Contralateral lymph node metastasis in a woman with new primary breast cancer: Systemic desease or locoregional diffusion?
Highlights • Contralateral axillary lymph node metastases (CAMs) in patients with breast cancer are rare.• CAMs should be considered as a regional manifestation, rather than systemic disease.• TheExpand
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Breast tuberculosis cases rising in Sicily
Highlights • Mammary tuberculosis (TM) is an extremely rare condition.• The differential diagnosis between breast cancer and breast tuberculosis is very important.• It was possible to identify theExpand
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Verification test for classical volcano-seismological problems by spectral element method (SEM)
The accurate simulation of seismic wave propagation in a realistic 3-D volcano model is essential to understand the complicated physical processes of magma and gas behaviors at depth. We adopt aExpand
Séismes à longue période (LP) sur le Mt. Etna (Italie) : inversion du tenseur de moment et incertitudes liées à leur interprétation
Les seismes de type longue periode (LP) sont aujourd’hui enregistres sur la plupart des volcans dans le monde entier. Malgre cela, le mecanisme a leur source n’est encore que tres peu compris. AExpand
Benign adenomyoepitelioma of the breast: Presentation of two rare cases and review of literature
Highlights • Adenomyoepithelioma of the breast is a rare benign breast neoplasm.• The rarity of this histological type of benign breast tumor and the finding of two cases in a short period makes thisExpand
Finite-source waveform inversion of Long Period (LP) volcanic events on Etna volcano (Italy): synthetic test
Long period (0.1-2 Hz) events are frequently observed on active volcanoes and are often related to fluid and gas movements inside the edifice. Understanding the physical mechanism beyond theirExpand
Long period (LP) seismic signals on Mt. Etna volcano (Italy) : moment tensor inversion and uncertainties in the source model interpretation
Long-period (LP) seismic events are abundantly recorded during rest and unrest periods at many volcanoes worldwide. However, their source mechanism is still poorly understood. Models which have beenExpand