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We present a benchmark for the evaluation and comparison of algorithms which reconstruct a surface from point cloud data. Although a substantial amount of effort has been dedicated to the problem of surface reconstruction, a comprehensive means of evaluating this class of algorithms is noticeably absent. We propose a simple pipeline for measuring surface(More)
Versatile computer scientist seeking unique career opportunity to flex 10 years of programming experience, excellent communication, organization, and writing skills, and extensive computer science background including graphics, visualization, and user interfaces. Ideal position would utilize technical expertise in combination with oral and written(More)
Visualization is often employed as part of the simulation science pipeline. It is the window through which scientists examine their data for deriving new science, and the lens used to view modeling and discretization interactions within their simulations. We advocate that, as a component of the simulation science pipeline, visualization itself must be(More)
Direct volume rendering is an effective method for plotting 3D scientific data, but it's not used as frequently as it could be. Here, the authors summarize direct volume rendering and discuss barriers to taking advantage of this powerful technique. T he use of plotting techniques to comprehend scalar functions is ubiquitous in science and engineering. An(More)
The demand for the construction of complex visualizations is growing in many disciplines of science, as users are faced with ever increasing volumes of data to analyze. The authors present VisTrails, an open source provenance-management system that provides infrastructure for data exploration and visualization. C omputing has been an enormous accelerator(More)
Harvesting the power of modern graphics hardware to solve the complex problem of real-time rendering of large unstructured meshes is a major research goal in the volume visualization community. While for regular grids, texture-based techniques are well suited for current GPUs, the steps necessary for rendering unstructured meshes are not so easily mapped to(More)
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