Claudio Spisni

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The side effects of glucose degradation products (GDPs) in conventional peritoneal dialysis (PD) fluids are well described. Using the three-compartment bag concept--that is, in situ preparation of concentrated glucose solution into a standard ionic solution--a GDP-free solution can be processed. To investigate the possible impact of this product on(More)
The clinical manifestations of neuropathy in chronic uraemia are late in occurring. However, at an early stage it is possible to detect damage to either the central or peripheral nervous system by means of modern electrophysiological investigation methods. We examined 29 patients with CRF (plasma creatinine 7.0 +/- 4.0 mg%) on conservative diet. The(More)
Some neurophysiological techniques have been employed in clinical nephrology to record abnormalities of nervous conduction in central and peripheral pathways. The electrical monitoring on the peripheral and central nervous systems has allowed the detection of uremic neural injury, the diagnosis of specific electrophysiological abnormalities, the evaluation(More)
Successful management of stenosis of a polar branch of the renal artery by means of autotransplantation is reported. The main indications for this technique are described: arteriosclerosis and injury to the artery, aneurysm, various forms of ureteral injury, bilateral or unilateral renal tumour, coralliform intraparenchymal lithiasis, together, with the(More)