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We study a class of solutions to the SL(2, R) k Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equation. First, logarithmic solutions which represent four-point correlation functions describing string scattering processes on three-dimensional Anti-de Sitter space are discussed. These solutions satisfy the factorization ansatz and include logarithmic dependence on the SL(2,(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies showed that the non-adherence to the pharmacological therapy of patients affected by BPH-associated LUTS increased the risk of clinical progression of BPH. We examined the patients adherence to pharmacological therapy and its clinical consequences in men with BPH-associated LUTS looking at the differences between drug classes(More)
A consistent quantization with a clear notion of time and evolution is given for the anisotropic Kantowski–Sachs cosmological model. It is shown that a suitable coordinate choice allows to obtain a solution of the Wheeler–DeWitt equation in the form of definite energy states, and that the results can be associated to two disjoint equivalent theories, one(More)
AIMS Muscarinic receptor subtypes expressed in the human urinary bladder mucosa were characterized, investigating whether there were gender-dependent differences and if aging could induce changes in their expression. METHODS The study was carried out on 34 subjects, 22 men and 12 women, divided in four groups, based on gender and age. Gene expression was(More)
DNA adducts are considered an integrate measure of carcinogen exposure and the initial step of carcinogenesis. Their levels in more accessible peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBLs) mirror that in the bladder tissue. In this study we explore whether the formation of PBL DNA adducts may be associated with bladder cancer (BC) risk, and how this relationship is(More)
OBJECTIVE Bladder dysfunctions are common in multiple sclerosis (MS) often causing the most distressing symptoms. The aim of this paper was to evaluate the effectiveness of sacral nerve modulation (SNM) in this disease. METHODS We conducted an observational retrospective survey in 17 patients treated with SNM in the north-east of Italy, all complaining of(More)
La gabapentine (Gabapentin) et la quétiapine (Quetiapina) sont deux médicaments appartenant à des catégories pharmaceutiques différentes ayant des indications thérapeutiques distinctes. Ils ont en commun la caractéristique négative d'être liés à une augmentation possible du risque de suicide. En outre, la prescription non conforme de médicaments (off-label(More)
The widespread non-neuronal synthesis of acetylcholine (ACh) has changed the paradigm of ACh acting solely as a neurotransmitter. Indeed, the presence of ACh in many types of proliferating cells suggests a role for this neurotransmitter in the control of cell division. The parasympathetic system is a major pathway regulating micturition, but ACh-mediated(More)
AIMS Evidence indicates that dopamine (DA) and DA receptors play a role in the central nervous system (CNS) control of micturition; however, while the central DAergic role in the micturition physiology has been extensively investigated, the expression and the function of DA receptors in the urinary tract are still under investigation. Here, we studied the(More)