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Four experiments were conducted to investigate the role of image detail on recall. It was found in all four experiments that greater image detail facilitated recall from an uncategorized list. This result was found with two different uncategorized lists and held when detail was manipulated both through image size and through capacity limitation. However, no(More)
The use of simulation models within PETROBRAS is becoming an important tool for supporting strategic decision. Company's refineries have great potential for financial gains that may be achieved through product stock reduction, certification time improvement, and other measures. This article deals specifically with the application of a simulation model for(More)
The simulation model uses scenarios to support decisions on the sizing of a refinery tank farm. It analyzes the impact of new enterprises, demand variations and detects operational bottlenecks. It is made up of a mass balance associated to a regime consisting of the entry of feedstocks, exit of outlet products and handling operations subject to(More)
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