Claudio Ratke

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Clustering is a classification process in data mining, very used mainly for grouping of continuous values. The traditional techniques of clustering such as fuzzy C-means clustering (FCM), create groups that don't have, many times, practical sense to the user. Relative information gain has been used with success in classification applications, for instance(More)
This paper presents the development of web logistics system to collect products, whose objective to minimize the transport cost and finding the best routes and represent them graphically on a map. The routing problem studied in this paper uses vehicle capacity constraints, time windows and dynamic constraints based on the domain model of the system. The(More)
This work consists in presenting an information system for planning routes for deliveries of goods. A company that has many products to be delivered in different places find it difficult to define the best combination of loads to be carried, and what better vehicle availability, and lower cost route for the delivery of goods in load order. With the system(More)
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