Claudio R. Zastrow

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Maltotriose, the second most abundant sugar of brewer's wort, is not fermented but is respired by several industrial yeast strains. We have isolated a strain capable of growing on a medium containing maltotriose and the respiratory inhibitor, antimycin A. This strain produced equivalent amounts of ethanol from 20 g l−1 glucose, maltose, or maltotriose. We(More)
Saccharomyces cerevisiae grew slower but reached higher cellular densities when grown on 20 g maltotriose l−1 than on the same concentration of glucose or maltose. Antimycin A (3 mg l−1) prevented growth on maltotriose, but not on glucose or maltose, indicating that it is not fermented but is degraded aerobically. This was confirmed by the absence of(More)
AIMS To enhance the fermentation of maltotriose by industrial Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains. METHODS AND RESULTS The capability to ferment maltotriose by an industrial yeast strain that uses this sugar aerobically was tested in shake flasks containing rich medium. While the presence of maltose in the medium did not improve maltotriose fermentation,(More)
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