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Late results in 81 patients with achalasia treated in a prospective randomised study comparing forceful pneumatic dilatation with the Mosher bag and surgical anterior oesophagomyotomy by abdominal route, are reported. There were no deaths from either of the treatments. Two patients (5.6%) had a perforation of the abdominal oesophagus after pneumatic(More)
BACKGROUND Sleeve gastrectomy is a restrictive procedure for treatment of obese patients with different body mass index (BMI) and presents good results in terms of a reduction of percentage of excess weight loss and BMI. There is no consensus which is the optimal technique regarding to the diameter of the gastric tube, but a capacity of 100-120 ml has been(More)
The results of late subjective and objective evaluations of antireflux surgery in 215 patients with reflux esophagitis who were included in a prospective, controlled study are reported. A special protocol--including analysis of reflux symptoms, radiology, endoscopy, esophageal manometry, and standard acid reflux test--was designed. The surgical technique(More)
Laparoscopic Nissen, Nissen-Rossetti, cardial calibration with gastropexy, and other modifications are the procedures commonly used for surgical treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease. Postoperative failures have been reported ranging from 10% to 15% associated with postoperative symptoms or recurrent gastroesophageal reflux. In this paper, we present(More)
Accidental ingestion of foreign bodies in childhood is an increasing problem. Although many of them can be treated with an expectant approach, allowing their passage through the gastrointestinal tract, magnets must be extracted, due to their high rate of complications, such as perforation. We report three patients that ingested magnets. A five year-old male(More)
The radiological features of achalasia of the esophagus are well known and have been described. However, very little is known concerning the natural history of this disease. We aimed to determine the evolutive radiological changes of the esophagus in a group of patients with achalasia who had not previously undergone any treatment. We undertook a(More)
The increasing number of developmental events and molecular mechanisms associated with the Hedgehog (Hh) pathway from Drosophila to vertebrates, suggest that gene regulation is crucial for diverse cellular responses, including target genes not yet described. Although several high-throughput, genome-wide approaches have yielded information at the genomic,(More)
We evaluated 148 patients (mean age 45 years) with clinically evident gastroesophageal reflux. A radioisotopic test with 99mTc sulphur-colloid was performed in all; endoscopy in 146, biopsy in 24, acid reflux test and manometric evaluation in 141 and radiologic studies in 85. Sensitivity of the different techniques was: radioisotopes 92%, radiology 87%,(More)
Bidirectional (anterograde and retrograde) motor-based intraflagellar transport (IFT) governs cargo transport and delivery processes that are essential for primary cilia growth and maintenance and for hedgehog signaling functions. The IFT dynein-2 motor complex that regulates ciliary retrograde protein transport contains a heavy chain dynein ATPase/motor(More)
Short-rib polydactyly syndromes (SRPS I-V) are a group of lethal congenital disorders characterized by shortening of the ribs and long bones, polydactyly, and a range of extraskeletal phenotypes. A number of other disorders in this grouping, including Jeune and Ellis-van Creveld syndromes, have an overlapping but generally milder phenotype. Collectively,(More)