Claudio Piemonte

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In this report we present the work of simulation that has been carried out to determine and refine the design of the ALICE Silicon Drift Detector. The simulation phase is fundamental to get a full comprehension of the device, and as a consequence, it allows the designer to reduce the R&D times and costs. First we provide a general description of the(More)
We present the first results of timing and energy resolution of two newly developed tiles based on FBK RGB-HD SiPMs. The first tile has dimensions of 32×32 mm 2 and is composed of 8×8 SiPMs, with a regular pitch of 4 mm and a cell size of 25×25 μm 2. Although manufactured with a standard bond wire technology, the tile achieves a fill factor at the tile(More)
We present the characterization of a novel Position-Sensitive Silicon Photomultiplier, called Linearly-Graded SiPM (LG-SiPM). The position encoding is obtained through a charge sharing approach, implemented by means of a current divider, directly integrated on die. We fabricated prototypes of the 2D LG-SiPM with two different dimensions, with an active area(More)
A new multi-modality imaging tool is under development in the framework of the INSERT (Integrated SPECT/MRI for Enhanced Stratification in Radio-chemo Therapy) project, supported by the European Community. The final goal is to develop a custom SPECT apparatus that can be used as an insert for commercially available MRI systems. INSERT is expected to offer(More)
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