Claudio Panzetti

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Purpose: To evaluate the effectiveness of partially covered metallic Wallstents to prevent tumoral ingrowth in patients with neoplastic obstruction of the biliary tract. Methods: Twenty-one patients with malignant obstructive jaundice have been treated with Wallstents partially covered with a polyurethane polymer. In total, 36 covered stents (8 and 10 mm in(More)
Adventitial cystic disease of the popliteal artery is an unusual condition of uncertain etiology, in which a mucin-containing cyst forms in the wall of the artery and produces lower extremity claudication, typically in young and middle-aged men. A diagnosis of adventitial cystic disease of the popliteal artery was made preoperatively in a 47-year-old man by(More)
This paper reports on an original method to prepare a contrast agent consisting of CO2 microbubbles to be injected i.a. during ultrasound examinations (ultrasound angiography-USA), whose value was investigated in the study of tumor neovascularity in HCC patients. Thirty-five HCC patients underwent USA. CO2 was drawn out from a gas container under pressure(More)
This study was aimed at describing some technical features of the transjugular portosystemic shunt (TIPS). December 1991 to November 1993, fifty-five TIPS were performed in our department. The right internal jugular vein, which is the most direct path to the inferior vena cava, was punctured in 48 cases, the left one in seven cases. The right suprahepatic(More)
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