Claudio Nascimento

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Background The interaction between microorganisms and heavy metals has been occurring since the beginning of life on the planet, 4 billion years ago, which allowed the biological evolution of resistance in systems and the survival of these microorganisms in environments containing high metals concentrations of metals [1]. Recently, a bioremediation review(More)
Background The Sossego mine, located in Canaã dos Carajás, Pará, Brazil, has a pond of wastes with low copper concentrations economically unfeasable for extraction. In this place, we can improve environmental conditions and, at the same time, recover part of the ore diluted in these wastes, through evaluation and use of the local biodiversity , in(More)
This paper presents the application of a combined control strategy applied to nonlinear systems and grounded in a MPC structure using a fuzzy model description. The nonlinear models were treated as several sub-models with linear behavior, called Piecewise Linear systems (PWL). The advantages of this methodology were visualized in the temperature control of(More)
We present an on-line management strategy for photovoltaic-hydrogen (PV-H 2) hybrid energy systems. The strategy follows a receding-horizon principle and exploits solar radiation forecasts and statistics generated through a Gaussian process model. We demonstrate that incorporating forecast information can dramatically improve the reliability and economic(More)
An important problem in the bioethanol production process is the purification of ethanol from a dilute solution, i.e., approximately 10% ethanol in water. The key factor in the purification process is the formation of the ethanol-water binary homogeneous azeotrope, and an additional process is required to obtain high purity ethanol that can be used in motor(More)
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