Claudio Miceli

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Developing Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) applications is not an easy task, since it demands different expertise and knowledge. To address this problem, we propose a model-driven approach to build WSN applications. It promotes the separation of concerns between two levels of requirements involved: (i) domain experts, with no knowledge on WSN platforms,(More)
The Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) is an encryption technique for processing encrypted data without the need of decrypting them. This method is suitable for use in untrusted environments, such as cloud computing platforms. Various methods have been proposed to implement this technique. But the greatest problem of these methods is that for its operation,(More)
This paper presents a MDA approach to build WSN applications that allows domain experts to contribute in the developing of applications without knowledge on WSN platforms while allowing network experts to program nodes meeting application needs without needing specific knowledge on the application domain. 1 Introduction There are several platforms that(More)
Research on Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) has evolved with potential applications in several domains. However, the building of WSN applications is hampered by the need of programming in low-level abstractions provided by sensor OS and of specific knowledge about each application domain and each sensor platform. We propose a MDA approach to develop WSN(More)
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