Claudio M Joo Turoni

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UNLABELLED Previously, our group showed a prothrombotic state in asymptomatic patients with chronic Chagas disease. The current paper studies the inflammatory status and endothelial function in these patients. METHODS In 40 patients and 40 healthy volunteers, we evaluated prothrombotic state, blood parasitemia (molecular biology: polymerized chain(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity is related to an increase in the rates of cardiovascular disease. OBJECTIVE To establish the impact of obesity on vascular function (endothelial function and arterial stiffness) in children and adolescents and its relationship to cardiovascular risk factors. METHODS In obese (OB) children and adolescents, endothelial function and(More)
Nonischemic 5/6 nephrectomized rat (NefR) is a model of chronic kidney disease. However, little is known about vascular dysfunction and its relation with hypertension in NefR. Aims. To evaluate possible alterations of endothelial function, NO-bioavailability, and basal tone in aorta from NefR and the role of oxidative stress. Sprague Dawley rats were(More)
Little is known about the vascular actions of angiotensin II (Ang II) and nitric oxide (NO) in Amphibia. This study investigated (1) Ang II contractility, (2) NO concentrations, and (3) correlations between Ang II contractility, NO concentration and mean arterial pressure (MAP) in isolated Bufo arenarum toad aortic rings. Contractility was measured in(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Renal preglomerular vessels play a central role in modulating renal function and injury, especially during conditions of renal hemodynamic stress such as hypertension. We evaluated whether improving the balance between nitric oxide (NO) and oxidative stress improves the morphological alterations of renal afferent arterioles that occur in NO(More)
Objective. To evaluate the impact of oxidative stress on vascular reactivity to vasoconstrictors and on nitric oxide (NO) bioavailability in saphenous vein (SV) graft with endothelial dysfunction from hypertensive patients (HT). Methods. Endothelial function, vascular reactivity, oxidative state, nitrites and NO release were studied in isolated SV rings(More)
UNLABELLED Low birthweight (LBW) increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Few studies have established its impact at early ages. AIMS To study endothelial function (EF) and arterial stiffness (AS) and their relationship to early markers of CVD risk in children with LBW. METHODS In children with LBW (4-6 years; n = 53),(More)
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