Claudio Luiz Seabra Ferrari

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In this work an X-ray imaging system based on a recently developed in-line two-dimensional Bragg magnifier composed of two monolithic V-shaped crystals made of dislocation-free germanium is presented. The channel-cut crystals were used in one-dimensional and in two-dimensional (crossed) configurations in imaging applications and allowed measurement of(More)
We review observations of extended regions of radio emission in clusters; these include diffuse emission in 'relics', and the large central regions commonly referred to as 'halos'. The spectral observations, as well as Faraday rotation measurements of background and cluster radio sources, provide the main evidence for large-scale intracluster magnetic(More)
Context. We report on new VLA radio observations of the distant cluster RX J1347.5-1145, which is the most luminous in X-rays. Aims. We aim at investigating the possible presence of diffuse and extended radio emission in this very peculiar system which shows both a massive cooling flow and merging signatures. Methods. New low resolution (∼ 18 arcsec) VLA(More)
Cu seems to be necessary to achieve best efficiencies, however it is strongly connected with performance degradation due to its tendency to diffuse. The Cu benefits and drawbacks are still not completely clear. Other studies have shown a direct connection between Cu and defects concentration, however it is still not clear if the Cu induced degradation is(More)
We use XMM-Newton data of the merging cluster Abell 3667 to analyze its metallicity distribution. A detailed abundance map of the central 1.1×1.1 Mpc region indicates that metals are inhomogeneously distributed in the cluster showing a non-uniform and very complex metal pattern. The highest peak in the map corresponds to a cold region, slightly offset South(More)
Details: Session: Date: Time: Room: 03.Narrow Gap and Compound Semiconductors 08/09 12:50 Exhibition Hall 1 Title: Homoepitaxial growth of germanium for photovoltaic and thermophotovoltaic applications Authors: Matteo Bosi1, Giovanni Attolini1, Marco Calicchio1, Claudio Ferrari1, Cesare Frigeri1, Enos Gombia1 1IMEM CNR Abstract: Low bandgap Ge homojunctions(More)