Claudio Lima

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Executable Biology, also called Algorithmic Systems Biology, uses rigorous concepts from computer science and mathematics to build computational models of biological entities. P systems are emerging as one of the key modelling frameworks within Executable Biology. In this paper, we address the <i>continuous backward problem</i>: given a P system model(More)
Communication systems based on RF Mesh are widely used in various applications of smart metering, an essential component of Smart Grids. The RF Mesh technology has a long history and proved to be highly reliable in remote telemetry and distributed control applications. This paper presents a methodology for optimization of ZigBee mesh networks as the(More)
The IEEE Smart Grid Web Portal is an online resource that to date has been accessed by over 50 000 Smart Grid professionals, academics and other interested individuals from around the world. Launched in January of 2010, the IEEE Smart Grid Web Portal is a resource that converges and organizes all Smart Grid-related IEEE events, activities, news and assets(More)
This paper discusses the semantic interoperability in the Construction sector, from the viewpoint of the FUNSIEC project. Shortly, FUNSIEC project aimed to answer the following question: is it feasible to establish semantic mappings amongst Semantic Resources (SRs) specifically created for the Construction sector? This quest has been answered positively(More)
We present a cross-layer approach to the design of a wireless video streaming system, which includes the development of an adaptive radio link buffer and congestion control algorithm and the adoption of the H.264/SVC scalable video format. The proposed system performs a group-of-pictures (GOP) based postchannel adaptation, which does not require the channel(More)
In this paper, we present a novel method to extract the breast skin-line based on dynamic programming. Skin-line extraction is an important preprocessing step in CAD systems; however, it is a challenging problem due to the presence of noise, underexposed regions, which results in a low contrast area near the skin-air interface, and artifacts such as labels.(More)
Corantes azo são extensivamente utilizados em processos de tingimento de fibras têxteis, sendo caracterizados por elevada resistência frente a processos aeróbios de biodegradação e, por conseqüência, persistência nos processos convencionais de tratamento de resíduos. Neste trabalho reporta-se a degradação redutiva de corantes azo, utilizando-se ferro(More)
A bandwidth-efficient video streaming algorithm over the cdma2000 1x EV-DO network using GOP-based priority scheduling is proposed in this work. The proposed algorithm performs an application adaptation by considering the postchannel status to cope with the fluctuating wireless mobile radio channel. The peak-signal-to-noise-ratio (PSNR) value and the number(More)
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