Claudio Henrique Zawadzki

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Phylogenetic relationships and identification of species of the genus Hypostomus is still unclear. Considering this, cytogenetics may prove itself as an important tool in understanding the systematic of this genus. Reviews in Hypostomus indicate that the diploid number ranges from 54 to 84 chromosomes, and the increase in diploid number has been associated(More)
In this work, we analyzed the karyotypes of five Hypostomus species. Hypostomus cf. heraldoi, from the Mogi-Guaçu River, had 2n = 72 chromosomes, with a nucleolar organizer region (NOR) in one chromosomal pair. Hypostomus regani, from the Mogi-Guaçu River had 2n = 72 chromosomes with NORs in two chromosomal pairs. Hypostomus sp., from the Mogi-Guaçu River(More)
Hypostomus is a species-rich genus of fish with unclear systematics and phylogenetic relationships. Ten species of Hypostomus (H. albopunctatus, H. ancistroides, H. cochliodon, H. commersoni, H. faveolus, H. hermanni, H. aff. paulinus, H. regani, H. strigaticeps and H. topavae) were cytogenetically analyzed through Giemsa staining and silver nitrate(More)
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