Claudio Garay

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OBJECTIVES To exploit the favorable dose intensity and safety profile of weekly paclitaxel, we conducted a Phase I trial of paclitaxel by 3-hour infusion in combination with estramustine phosphate (EM) in men with hormone-refractory prostate cancer (HRPC). The antimicrotubule drug combination of paclitaxel by 96-hour infusion plus EM is active in HRPC. (More)
BACKGROUND Morbid obesity is a chronic inflammatory condition due to the production of several cytokines from the adipose tissue. However, what happens with some of these parameters the first days after surgery is unknown. Therefore, the objective of the present study was to determine, through a prospective and descriptive study, the behavior of the(More)
A. VELAZQUEZ 1, D. VON RAESFELD 2, A. GONZALEZ-NORIEGA 1, L. GONZALEZ 1, C. GARAY ~, R. ORTIZ 1 and V. DEE CASTILLO 2. 11nstituto de Investigaciones Biom~dicas, Universidad Nacional Aut6noma de M~xico Apdo. Postal 70228, C.P. 04510 Ciudad Universitaria, D.F., M~xico 2Instituto Nacional de Pediatria, Servicio de Gen~tica Insurgentes Sur 3700-C, 3 ~r piso(More)
2513 Background: IL-6 is implicated in the pathophysiology of several malignant diseases, including multiple myeloma (MM) and other hematological malignancies. CNTO 328 is a chimeric monoclonal antibody (mAb) that specifically binds and neutralizes human IL-6 with high affinity. A phase I trial is being conducted to assess safety and pharmacokinetics (PK)(More)