Claudio Gamba

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 The use of zootechnical slurries in agriculture can increase N losses as N2O by direct emission and by denitrification. The aim of this research was to determine the influence of pig slurry, as well as its combination with mineral N, on N2O emissions in the field and their relationships with some fractions of soil organic matter, with soil moisture and(More)
Coupled-bunch instabilities excited by RF cavity high order modes or resistive wall impedance can seriously limit the performance of third generation synchrotron light sources like ELETTRA. These instabilities can be cured by the use of active feedback systems. In the digital bunch-by-bunch approach adopted at ELETTRA, the position of the 432 bunches is(More)
Cooling with sound is a physical phenomenon allowed by Thermo-Acoustics in which acoustic energy is transformed into a negative heat transfer, in other words: into cooling! Without needing any harmful gas, the transformation is environmentally friendly and can respond to many needs in terms of air conditioning, food refrigeration for domestic use, and(More)
In this paper, we propose a new fast algorithm to estimate motion vectors (MVs) in video coding applications; it is based on the correlation which is present in the MV elds. To evaluate the MV of each block of a coded frame, information on MVs of adjacent blocks is used to give a rst MV estimate, which is then reened by performing block matching within a(More)
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