Claudio Fleiner

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Bricks project— Petabytes and beyond W. W. Wilcke R. B. Garner C. Fleiner R. F. Freitas R. A. Golding J. S. Glider D. R. Kenchammana-Hosekote J. L. Hafner K. M. Mohiuddin KK Rao R. A. Becker-Szendy T. M. Wong O. A. Zaki M. Hernandez K. R. Fernandez H. Huels H. Lenk K. Smolin M. Ries C. Goettert T. Picunko B. J. Rubin H. Kahn T. Loo This paper provides an(More)
Current tools for storage system configuration management make offline decisions, recovering from, instead of preventing, performance specification violations. The consequences are severe in a large-scale system that requires complex actions to recover from failures, and can result in a temporary shutdown of the system. We introduce Kybos, a distributed(More)
A key objective of the IBM Intelligent Bricks project is to create a highly reliable system from commodity components. We envision such systems to be architected for a service model called fail-inplace or deferred maintenance. By delaying service actions, possibly for the entire lifetime of the system, management of the system is simplified. This paper(More)
LIMITED DISTRIBUTION NOTICE: This report has been submitted for publication outside of IBM and will probably be copyrighted if accepted for publication. It has been issued as a Research Report for early dissemination of its contents. In view of the transfer of copyright to the outside publisher, its distribution outside of IBM prior to publication should be(More)
The task of managing large servers is becoming ever more complex as systems are growing. Human errors in reconfiguring and maintaining systems is a dominant cause of outages and data loss. In this paper we present an analysis of a system that is architected around an alternative service model, called "Fail-in-Place" or "Deferred Maintenance". In such a(More)
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