Claudio Estevez

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Real life data from three Mobile Operators has been used to successfully test a New Model of Quality of Experience (QoE) in Broadband Services. The Platform utilized is based on Open Source Tools and it generates Key Quality Indicators (KQI) simulating the final user’s perception of the service. The detailed characterization of: a) the consolidated usage(More)
This paper aims to enhance the transport services of Ethernet MANs by detecting congestion more accurately and responding to packet losses more adaptively. Traditional TCP was designed for best-effort networks, and cannot utilize available bandwidth efficiently in a broadband link. Most of the previous research addressed this problem by modifying the(More)
As the demand for better performance increases in next-generation networks, such as 5G technologies, more efficient modulation techniques are required. In this work, we evaluate the performance of the improved parametric linear combination pulses (IPLCP) in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) based systems. OFDMbased systems are very sensitive(More)
Millimeter-wave technology shows high potential for future wireless personal area networks, reaching over 1 Gbps transmissions using simple modulation techniques. Current specifications consider dividing the spectrum into effortlessly separable spectrum ranges. These low requirements open a research area in time and space multiplexing techniques for(More)
Digital communication systems are characterized by having a filter at the transmitter and receiver sides. The optimum parametric linear combination pulse (PLCP) is evaluated at the transmitter and receiver sides from different practical perspectives of interest. The proposed pulse exhibits the largest eye opening, and possesses the minimum maximum(More)
With the rise of Smart Cities and e-Health, along with the ongoing pursue for higher performing wireless networks, a field that has gained attention is Body Area Networks (BANs). One of the main thrusts of BANs is health-related applications, but these networks have a broad range of functionalities. One concern is supplying enough energy to support an(More)
To my parents and my beloved husband, for all of their support and encouragement iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS It is a pleasure to express my sincere gratitude to the many people who made this dissertation possible. Foremost, I am very grateful to my advisor, Professor Gee-Kung Chang, for his guidance, patience, and never ending support. The enthusiasm and perpetual(More)