Claudio D'Alia

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The authors report a case of gangrenous acute appendicitis in the sac of an inguinal hernia (Amyand's hernia). After a review of the literature, they emphasise the extreme rarity of the case reported, they underline how the clinical picture is highly similar to that of a strangulated inguinal hernia. They affirm that appendicectomy and hernioplasty may be(More)
BACKGROUND Iatrogenic injury of inferior laryngeal nerve is one of the most serious concerns in thyroid surgery. Paralysis of vocal cords is a common sequela of thyroidectomy. It represents a serious complication inducing, when bilateral, serious functional sequelae such as phonatory, respiratory and psychological problems that limit working capacities and(More)
The authors examine the complications of open prosthetic surgery for incisional hernias and analyse them from different points of view. The case series includes, over a period of 16 years, 492 hernioplasties for incisional hernias and 160 (32.5%) for large incisional hernias. The authors stress that the best results have been achieved by the retromuscular(More)
The authors present 5 cases of giant inguinal hernias observed over a ten-year period (1987–1997) in 1000 patients undergoing inguinal hernia operations. Such hernial formations are rare today (only 5% of the cases) thanks to better hygienic conditions and better hernioplasty techniques, carried out with local anesthesia, that encourage patients to undergo(More)
We report a case of a suppurative hydatid cyst of the pancreas treated surgically (internal drainage on Roux "Y" loop). Follow-up at 6 months revealed no evidence of the cyst. We emphasise the low incidence of the disease in a pancreatic site (02-2% in the literature). This was the first case in our experience despite the fact that Sicily is an area in(More)
Microfollicular nodular lesions of the thyroid gland may represent a differential diagnosis problem. Firstly, nodular areas of follicular hyperplasia have to be distinguished from follicular adenomas. On the other hand, nodular microfollicular areas exhibiting large pale nuclei, occasionally found in hyperplastic nodules and follicular adenomas, must be(More)
BACKGROUND Post-operative hypocalcemia is a common and most often transient event afterextensive thyroid surgery. It may be due to iatrogenic injury to the parathyroid glands. AIMS We carried out a study aimed to evaluate the incidence of hypocalcemia and hypoparathyroidism following extracapsular total thyroidectomy. METHODS The study was carried out(More)
The authors examine a number of aetiological, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of iatrogenic injuries to the colon on the basis of an analysis of their own experience and a review of the literature. They highlight the low incidence of this kind of injury, which accounts for only 0.3% of all visceral injuries. Endoscopy and laparoscopic surgery are the(More)
There are cases in which resection of cervico-mediastinal goitres requires additional thoracic access as an adjunct to standard transverse cervicotomy, and typically this takes the form of sternotomy or thoracotomy. The authors propose transclavicular access as an alternative to thoracotomy or sternotomy access for the removal of such goitres. This(More)
The authors report their 14 years experiences with inguinal hernia repair in elderly. The result were compared with young (< 75 years old), and confirmed that there were no significant differences between the 2 groups. The study confirmed the safety and effectiveness of the "tension-free" technique under local anaesthesia, which is proposed as the treatment(More)