Claudio Culotta

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A simple coincidence model of MSO responses is presented. The model is notable in that it contains no inhibition beyond the synchronization to the fine structure of the stimulus as seen in auditory nerve firing patterns. Output patterns for model cells are simulated and compared with patterns observed in available recordings from EE cells in the MSO.(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this research was to measure the effects of reference interaural time and intensity differences on binaural performance in listeners with normal hearing and impaired hearing for a number of different binaural tests. Experiment 1 measures the dependence of binaural detection and discrimination performance on reference interaural(More)
Residential proximity to industrial sites has been associated with adverse effects on human health. Children are more susceptible to airborne environmental exposure because their immune and respiratory systems are still developing. This study aimed to investigate whether living close to an oil terminal in Genoa where there is higher VOCs exposure is(More)
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