Claudio Corsi

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Every day millions of users search for information on the web via search engines, and provide implicit feedback to the results shown for their queries by clicking or not onto them. This feedback is encoded in the form of a <i>query log</i> that consists of a sequence of <i>search actions</i>, one per user query, each describing the following information:(More)
Through their interaction with search engines, users provide implicit feedback that can be used to extract useful knowledge and improve the quality of the search process. This feedback is encoded in the form of a query log that consists of a sequence of search actions, which contain information about submitted queries, documents viewed, and documents(More)
High-throughput molecular biology provides new data at an incredible rate, so that the increase in the size of biological databanks is enormous and very rapid. This scenario generates severe problems not only at indexing time, where suitable algorithmic techniques for data indexing and retrieval are required, but also at query time, since a user query may(More)
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